Saturday, June 17, 2017

Would you sign an employment contract with these clauses?

I got asked to sign an employment contract that has a clause that stated something like "you agree not to sue any clients or employees for ANY reason.". It literally said any reason. I thought that this was a bit extreme, because legal protections only go so far without the deterrent of a potential lawsuit, there is no telling what they could potentially get away with. Then later I was asked to sign something else:
Limitation of Liability: To the extent permitted by law, you waive any and all right you have, or may have, to claim or assert a claim, action, demand, or suit of any kind, nature, or description, including but not limited to claims, actions, demands, or suits for personal injury or death, whether arising in tort, contract, or otherwise, against the Client or Clients customers, agents, officers, directors, or employees, resulting directly or indirectly, from your employment with [xxxx]. You understand and agree that [xxxx] provides workers’ compensation coverage for on-the-job injuries or occupational diseases incurred while on assignment for [xxxx], and you agree to look solely to [xxxx] and/or its insurer for damages and/or expenses for such injury, illness or other claims incurred while on assignment.

It was a choice of either signing this contract or lose my job. Below is a short reddit discussion of this.

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